10 Best Board Games of 2016

A board game is a game played on top of a table that entails moving or placing counters on a special surface or board, and follows a set of rules. If you are not into board games, we suggest Hobby Jump for other hobby ideas. You can buy very many types of board games on Amazon at affordable prices. The 10 best board games of 2016 available in Amazon include:

1. Hasbro Pie Face Game
In this game, you place a wet sponge on the ‘arm’ of the game unit, place your face on the chin rest and start turning the handles of the game hoping you wont get a splat on your face. You receive a point for every turn of the handle without being splat on the face. The one who gets 25 point wins.
This game unit includes 1 throwing arm, 1 pie thrower, chin rest, 2 handles, a spinner, splash guarding mask and a sponge.

2. Codenames
This board game is played by two teams each having at least two players. The players in each team will try to find out the name of their secret agent using the code names of their agents. Each team has a spymaster who knows the identities of their agents and give a word hint that leads to many words on the board. The team mates try to figure out the words which have to be the correct color and avoid the assassin.
The game comes with a board and different cards.

3. Hasbro connect 4 game
In this game, you choose either yellow or red discs. Drop the discs on the grid and if you are the first to get four in a row, you win. If an opponent gets to close to winning you have a choice to block them using your own discs.
The game kit include 21 yellow discs, 21 red disc, a slider bar, a grid, 2 legs and instructions.

4. Lets go fishin’
This board game features a turntable that is electronic and has 21 fish made of plastic. As it rotates the fish close and open their mouths, as they raise and go down. Each player, having a fishing rod, has to try to catch the fish by having them close their mouths on their traps and them pulling them out of the container. The one who catches the most fish wins.
The game comes with the rotating turntable containing the plastic fish and toy fishing roads.

5. HedBanz Game – Edition may vary
This game is based on the question, ‘What am I?’ Players place headbands on their head which is used to hold a card containing a picture. Each player has to figure out if the picture on their head is an object, an animal or a type of food.
It comes with the HedBanz rule sheet, 24 chips, 74 cards, a sand clock timer and 6 head bands

6. Catan 5th Edition
This board game entails building the first two settlement of a region and roads, which eventually grow into cities. You use dices that when you roll will give a number that indicates what material you get e.g bricks. With these materials you extend the terrains and build up Catan. You can trade with your opponents some materials that are scarce. Played by 3-4 players.
The game comes with a rule book, a board, tiles, dices and cards.

7. Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk Board Game
This board game enables the player to explore a haunted house that is known for wickedness. As you explore you find omens, monsters and other items. This game comes with a ruler book, 8 omen cards, 20 room tiles, 11 item cards, 11 event cards and 76 tokens.

8. Melissa and Doug Suspend Game
The game entails hanging pieces of wires, balancing them on each other making sure they do not fall. It seems easy but each time you add a piece of wire, the balance shifts and the structure reforms and also gets bigger.
It comes with wooden base, 24 notched wire rods, 4 frame rods, wooden connector and colored dye.

9. Pandemic Board Game
This game is about players who are disease specialists that have to treat diseases and search for cures for 4 deadly diseases. Each player has 4 actions in turn, either to treat diseases, build a station for research, find a cure or tour different cities.
The game kit contains a board, cubes, and a stack of cards each having its own function.

10. Ticket to Ride
The game entails players gathering cards of different train cars that allows them to affirm railway line destinations and connect cities of many countries in the world. The game comes with a board and different card of specific purposes.
This board game comes with cards, tokens and of course a board.

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